Start your own farm and get into incredible adventures with Forager! Begin your farming career with a small piece of land and then grow to a successful farmer! Once you develop a farm and get an opportunity to sell the fruits of your labor, you start earning coins. These coins can be used to get new lands. The variety of lands is one of the main features of the game. Each location has a great deal of resources to gather as well as building opportunities and puzzles. In general, there about 50 lands to buy, but you will start with the one that is located in the middle of the map. There are different biomes here that differ from one another. They have different climate conditions and environment.

For example, the green lands covered with grass is a place where you can find a nice piece of ground to build some new constructions there but also you will meet a deal of magical creatures there. There are fairies, that live in the forests and mountains, druids, and giant beets. Magical items and spell craft is available there, so you can become a magician-farmer and see what these skills will bring to you. There are also dessert lands covered with sand. There you will find an old cemetery full of mysteries, dessert princesses, towers, and obelisks. You can retrieve gold, coil, and other amazing resources there. Also, these lands are perfect for those who want to try planting some exotic fruits that you cannot grow on the lands with other type of climate. The next land is located on the north. Endless winters cover them with snow and ice. The ghosts and talking foxes live there. Despite the fact that the climate here is pretty tough, it is still suitable for farming and building. The dark graveyard lands are also present here. This place is full of dangers and traps, but there are also useful resources to be retrieved like stone and wood. Just keep yourself safe – so many skeletons are ready to catch you when you wander through the cemetery lands! Also, the fire lands are present on the game map. They are read and hot! In general, each land is unique when it comes to resources and different amazing opportunities, so you can try them all and see what else you can grow and build. As you can see, the opportunities provided by the open world of Forager are endless, so you will surely have a really great time playing it.

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