For Boys

The time has come to check an amazing universe of Forager, a place when you will collect, craft, grow plants, complete quests, travel, and even fight. You will start with gathering a resource inventory filling it with wood, coil, iron, and other materials. These materials will help you to build some elements of your future farm, so don’t stop gathering until you get enough. Also, your character will develop some new skills, including sorting, treeing, inventorying, digging, etc. Some of them can be already improved from the first actions you make in the game. You will see that the more skills you develop, the better you feel yourself and the more interesting the process becomes. These are productive skills that will boost your manufacturing, but you will need more abilities. For example, combat skills are also important here, especially if you plan to leave your initial spot one fine day and check out the other parts of the map.

The title provides you with an opportunity to create different constructions and even biomes (this how the map regions are called here). Biomes are various and all of them have different features to please you with. In addition to incredible gameplay opportunities, Forager is a beautifully-drawn title with a cute and stylish outlook. The developers paid special attention to every aspect of the gameplay and each player has a chance to create his own story of Forager, which will differ itself from all the other. For the most unique experience, you are welcome to check all the aspects the game has to offer, from gathering, building and farming to spell-making, archeology, and trading. You will see that none of these activities interfere the rest and they are equally interesting and entertaining.

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