For Girls

The title called Forager features a ton of incredible content that is variable and exclusive. You will play as a funny and adorable guy, who seeks for some opportunities. Everything starts with an empty land, where you are going to build an entire farm and grow various plants, take care of your cattle, sell the products and buy new lands to expand your ownings. There are so many diverse lands here and you are welcome to investigate them all. You can take a trip to a dessert or a rocky island if you wish. But beware – each new location might meet you with dangers.

The new lands will be available for purchase on a certain stage of the game process. Namely, you will have to get some cash before you will be able to buy lands. If you grow your plants and treat your animals with care, they will bring you useful resources. With the help of these resources you will level your character up and increase your possibilities. As such, you can sell the goods and become a real capitalist. If you are not that type of a business man, then… you can always learn some magical spells and become an alchemist. Of you can do both, there absolutely no restrictions for you in Forager. Try this amazing title and we bet that you will be absolutely pleased by the variety of options you have here. Literally, every player can build his own game experience and follow the path only he wants to.

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