Forager 2

If you are fond of bright titles that offer you a great diversity of tasks and gameplay options, then you are lucky to find Forager. This game is a very special one. Despite the fact that it is labeled as a resource management title, where you have to gather materials and build objects to develop your base, there are more amazing actions to perform. Farming is incredibly fun and well-thought here. Everything unwraps gradually, so starting with a small guy on an empty land, you will turn into a rich farmer, known across the lands as a cool manufacturer. Not only you will have to plant trees and treat your cattle here. You will also travel across the map, where different lands will show their treasures, face you with dangers and difficulties, and let you find new friends (or enemies). As such, the diversity of actions is striking and this is something that makes Forager that special.

So you have an axe and bare land under your feet. It seems like hours of hard work are waiting for you! To start farm-building, you need to get materials first. Indeed, you cannot create a block or a windmill without having some wood, iron or stone. The first constructions will be pretty simple. However, with the help of simple objects you will create something more advanced and process the sources in a more advanced way. This is how all the processes are arranged here. You start with something simple, use it to make something more complex, get the most of the next tool, improve your base and so on. While you improve your base, the character learns new skills and become better at activities he already knows. Make sure that you keep him energetic – he won’t be able to grow unless he is hungry. Feed him regularly and continue your development. The amount of skills you can master is enormous and the combinations of these skills will bring different results. For instance, you can learn how to plant trees and this way, you will always have a plenty of wood. Wood means that you can use it to build some new constructions and you don’t have to search for trees elsewhere. Also, you will master storing and fighting skills. These will come handy when you will start your travelling across the map. First, there are many valuable items you can get there, but you won’t be able to take them with you, if your storing skill is not developed. Fighting is also an important ability. Well, yes, farming games are not always about flowers and sheep! Good luck!

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