Forager 2019

Chances are that the first hours of Forager will make you a bit bored. Gathering stones and replenishing your inventory is a necessary part of the process and from the first glance it might seem a bit tiresome. You have to perform the same action again and again until you finally have enough of them. Not only you need the stones, but also wood, coil, and other stuff. Well, you need these supplies to start building your farm and even if you don’t really understand what’s so interesting about it, you should wait for a while. Once you gather a certain amount of resources, your character will level up and everything will start changing. You are going to play for a funny and cute marshmallow guy, who lives in a bright and beautiful world, which is pretty large and open for travelling and investigation. Starting as a small farmer with a modest base, you will grow into a real capitalist, who sells goods, gains cash, buys new lands, and… learns magical spells.

This might sound a bit ridiculously, but that’s how things in Forager go on. You begin with nothing and then through hard work and development, you become a master of the universe. Products and goods will be produced on your farm faster and faster, you will learn new skills, build new constructions, and get into amazing adventures across the lands of this fantastic world. Your main aim is progress and development (hello, it is capitalism). Still, this is incredibly enjoyable, because the process is diverse and full of interesting features. There is no plot here, instead you have an open world and number of options that strives to infinity. In a situation like that, every player has a chance to create his own story.

There is a map where a number of lands are located. The lands are very different. You will find an island of grass, sand, snow, and fire there. Oh, there is also a dark land of the dead here and it is a huge cemetery. Every location has its own atmosphere, climate, and resources to get. Some are rich for gold, the others will provide you with a plenty of wood, still others allow you to mine some gold. So travel across the whole world of Forager and get the most of it! Become the best farmer, magician, businessman or a combination of all.

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