Forager 2020

It is hard to characterize Forager in a couple of words. The game combines so many features, that it is really hard to decide which genre it is. Adventures, crafting, developing, and even fighting make the playing experience really unique. Fans of such titles as Minecraft of Zelda will surely find something familiar in Forager. Indeed, the entire story might seem not so unique, but there are some surprises that will surely change your opinion very soon. There are different activities you can take part in, but the game doesn’t focus too much on one of them. You can do everything with equal energy and the process will equally reward your actions. There is no hierarchy here – just a combination of various opportunities and there is no need to pay more attention to one of them and neglect the other. They are equally interesting, important, and beneficial for your character and the game process. This is where the real amusement of Forage lies. You can cope with numerous tasks and choose whatever you want to be and there is no pressure from the side of the game process. However, there is just one thing it expects from you – development and constant growth. This is something that will allow you experience more amazing activities and see the game in its entire beauty.

You will create numerous machines and mechanisms using the sources you have previously gathered. These machines will allow you to make more and more constructions and items. As such, your farm will grow larger and larger. You will see how great it is when an advanced manufactory appears at the place that used to be so lonely and empty once. However, your efforts and hard work will bring this place to life. Well, what is even more pleasing, this will bring you opportunities to earn some cash. More cash – more lands, more lands – more farming and therefore… more cash! Well, you get it right, the game has a slight capitalistic touch that motivates you to work more and therefore – to gain more. As we have already mentioned, this is an important aspect, but not the only one. Still, this will help you move forward. Development of your farm comes along with your skills development! Advanced skills will let you do something you were not able to do before and travel to the places that were unreachable. Due to an amazing diversity of actions, places, puzzles, and changes, you will play Forager for days without getting bored. The game features a large open universe and the opportunities here are almost endless.

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