Forager 3

Challenges and so much fun are waiting for you in Forager. Start with nothing and become super-rich – this is the process will go. Speed up your productivity and gain new skills all the time and you will become the most successful forager ever. So everything starts with your first attempts to build a farm. The space is empty, but there is a plenty of it, so take your axe and start. Gain resources from the ground and gather those that are above the ground. Maybe, the first movements might seem a bit boring, but give it some time. After your first successful actions and mining, your marshmallow character will gain new skills and things will become more and more interesting. Progress is everything here, so gathering and developing will become your main focus. You can build different kinds of constructions that will serve as tools to create and process goods and resources. Also, you will have to feed your character constantly to give him strength for new tasks. You have to track his energy bar all the time, because when the level of energy becomes low, he won’t be able to work as good as he did. To replenish energy, you need something to eat. Catch yourself some fish or gather fruits and vegetables if your farm allows already. He will gain new skills all the time, from item storing to planting, and this will let the plot go on and on.

Building and gathering are not the only activities here. Also, you will travel across the lands and even have a chance to buy yourself some. There are different biomes here and you will find all of them interesting for sure. There are quests and puzzles there that are rewarded with useful items, so make sure that you keep up with task requirements and tackle them successfully. Some tasks require items and skills. For instance, you will need a developed farming ability to create windmills on the land of druids. Also, there are tasks that require tools like shovels, because they involve digging. Be ready that you will meet evil wizards, bosses, and wild enemies here and there, so you will need to protect yourself. You will also find chests of treasures on your way. The chests store magical tools and weapons, so it is great if you can find one – the items will help you deal with further tasks.

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