Forager Puzzles

Adventure-building-investigation open-world title Forager is a new word in the gaming community. This must one of the most addictive, still very simple, titles of last years. You will find yourself on the empty land that will become your base soon. However, before you create an industry or farming and create manufacturing constructions, you will need to get yourself some resources. There are different types of resources that can be retrieved in the game. Wood, stone, coil, and even gold are the gifts of the earth you can find and gather. To create different kinds of objects that perform various actions, you will have to gather a full arsenal of stuff. Before you build the constructions, you will be focused on mining, cutting, digging, and so on. The game will unwrap the new opportunities gradually. You won’t have an access to a number of action before you master some skills. For instance, you cannot even keep the items before you develop a skill that allows you to store things. So the first step is gathering and the second one is building. Once you create a basic farm, you will plant the crops and trees, gather harvest, and get yourself some domestic animals. Treat your ownings with care and they will bring you amazing results. As such, the title will encourage you to make a next step.

The next step is trading. That immerses logically from the previous stage. You can communicate with other characters and make deals with them. This can be really beneficial for you. Once you have enough resources, the best thing to do with them is to sell them and get yourself some gold or items. The gold can be used to buy new lands and expand your ownings. The lands can be bought anywhere you want. The game map is very diverse and each part of it is not the same as all others. There are mountains, forests, desserts, snowy lands, and even the land of the dead – a giant graveyard. Every land has both benefits and dangers for you to experience. For example, some parts of the map are rich for materials to retrieve, but there are also enemies that live there. You can try yourself not only as a farmer, but also as a discoverer: make archeological researches and find some unusual things under the ground, mastering new skills and gaining knowledge. Also, you may want to learn some alchemy and magic as well. There are magical creatures like fairies and druids that will help you to do so. The best thing here is that you don’t need to neglect one activity in favor of the other one – you can become anything and combine different skills the way you want. This will only increase your development options, which is the main focus of the game.

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