A title full of creation, planting, and discovery is in front of you. You play as a small farmer with a tiny piece of land and lack of resources. With time, you will expand your capabilities, improve your skills, get more equipment, and build relationships with friends (or enemies). The game has a wide range of options to choose from and an incredible amount of tools and objects to manipulate with. Here you will become a builder, farmer, merchant, and real adventurer. The lands are incredible vast and diverse. You will travel across mountains covered with snow, hot deserts, ancient cemeteries, sleeping volcanoes and more. Your hard work on the field will be rewarded – the crops you gather will bring you power and therefore – some new and amazing skills and knowledge.

But that’s not all, you will also sell your products to other characters and get yourself some cash. Take care of your crops and animals to succeed! The title has amazing farming mechanics and well-thought planting and upbringing processes. Not only you will meet friendly guys here, but also some enemies and even bosses, which are not that simple to defeat. Also, the fantasy of developers doesn’t stop here. You will face some mysterious and magical places and things during the game. For instance, you can try yourself as an archeologist or an alchemist. There is a place for magic here, so you can learn an entire book of spells! In general, there more than 60 different skills you can master in the game. They can be unlocked when you get new items and change your approaches to the game.

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