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An extremely relaxing and appealing in all ways, Forager will definitely become your favorite resource management title ever. If you think that there can be nothing special about this genre and you have already played a thousands of such titles before – Forager will amaze you anyway. Despite the fact that the genre is well-known and it seems that there is nothing that can surprise you in gathering, building, and farming, this titles has style. Even when you spend hours gathering stones and cutting the trees, you will find yourself in a great amusement and a feeling that your time wasn’t spent in vain. By the way, when you get enough of those trees and stones, you can start developing your farming base. The title has a number of building options to offer. There are different constructions you can create and all of them can help you in your further development. Machinery and farming tools will grow fast on your lands, so you will be able to move to the commercial part of your activity. The resources and goods you grow and create can be sold to other farmers for golden coins. Also, some of them will offer you interesting items that cannot be found anywhere else that easily. Let’s say, some magical tool. However, be aware that the game has a potential to trick you – the results of your actions are never obvious and can be pretty surprising. For instance, you can buy a magical tool that doesn’t actually work in last version. Or you can purchase yourself a piece of land, which is inhabited by dangerous creatures. You won’t be able to predict any outcomes before you do it, so… everything is risky, but this makes the process even more interesting. Nobody would be so pleased by a game, where every step is clear, right?

The initial skills you have will be developed with time and you will gain new ones. For instance, you will learn how to plant trees and take of the animals. More and more skills will allow you to expand your lands and make your farming kingdom larger. Not only you will be a farmer here. You can also learn some magical spells or investigate the depths of the earth as an archeologist. In fact, you can combine all of these skills and abilities in any way you want. Just remember that there are no senseless ideas and opportunities in Forager. While the main activity here is a resource gathering, the level up opportunities will open a giant scale of gameplay options, which are incredibly fun. The appealing graphics and well-thought concepts won’t leave you indifferent for sure.

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