Investigations, adventures, travelling, building, farming and even magic – these are the main things and activities that are present in an amazing Forager. As a farmer-beginner and discoverer, you start your journey on the open and empty location. It won’t stay empty for a long time, because the earth is rich for resources you can retrieve. Mine and gather to get a vast inventory of materials and start building. Your first constructions will be as simple as a windmill, but you will move further. The initial constructions will give you more abilities, so you will create something cooler later. What is more, your own skills will increase with each new thing you create. As a result, both your farm and your character will develop. New skills and opportunities will appear gradually and you will learn a lot of interesting and useful things.

Once your farm is done, you can get more lands and make it bigger. Gather the gifts or earth and take care of domestic animals. At some point, you will have more products that you need and that’s great, because now you can sell them and get some money. Build relationships with other farmers to exchange goods, purchase something that you don’t have and give away the resources. The entire process is all about development and growth. You will expand your farming capabilities as well as your working skills. However, the game has more to offer. There are also combat scenes here, because you will have to defend yourself and your base from the invaders, like wild animals. Also, you can take a trip to another place and find something new and amazing there. However, be ready that these places can hide dangers as well. Overall, the process consists of compelling actions that will make you progress and change. We bet that you won’t be able to put this game away that simple and will play it for hours and even days! The trick is that the number of opportunities is almost endless, so you will find something you haven’t seen before all the time.

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