Not only you will plant trees and grow your piglets in Forager! You can still be a successful farmer, but nothing prevents you from trying yourself as an archeologist as well. You will see that retrieving items from the underground is no less complicated than harvesting and building. Well, it is no less interesting and great, too. So if you have been focused on farming activities till this moment, we encourage you to try something additional. You will need to apply some efforts, but be sure that the results are worth your time. If you decide to devote your time to an archeological research, you will find a number of tasks to complete and a deal of amazing items to discover. There are relics, skeletons, eggs, and more incredible things you can find. No reasons to skip this part of the game for sure! By the way, archeology here is tightly connected with magic and some of the items you will find can be used to your further spell learning and alchemy.

Before you get into your archeological trip, make sure to improve your digging skills. Shovel needs to be highly upgraded before you start, because as you can understand, archeology is all about digging and you will have to do it a lot. Not only you will need it for your archeological venture but also for most of other activities. Good digging skills are great and as a farmer you need them no less than as an archeologist. So do it! Dig more until your shovel becomes a real death-machine. There are special dig points on the map, so find them and have enough of this activity before you move to serious archeology. What is more, you will need to find and get some items before you start. Anchor and Fossil are located in the green area of them map which is called Grass Biome. The Egg of a Dinosaur rests on the land of fire. By the way, you will also need it to pass a quest that a druid will give you later. The winter land will provide you with Frozen relic as well as Frozen Squid. The graveyard location has Kapala hidden there. Check other lands for more items and good luck with your digging! This will surely let you make a breath of fresh air when you are tired of farming!

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